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Special Offer from the CEO

  My Backyard Photo's     

Here are some photo's of our customers enjoying their Precast Outdoor Fireplace, If you would like to include your favorite photo please email it and a description to

Marshmello Time Victoria Lake Erie, PA
This is the Acadia built by Tracy from Maine.

Charlie, the fireplace arrived last week. Picking it up was a breeze - much easier than driving half way across the country.

Putting it together was also easy. I felt like I was a kid again playing with my Lincoln logs - albeit a bit heavier.

We christened the fireplace and are very happy. Thank you for all your help!!

Steve and Julie /p>

This is Madison, ME.
Thanks again for the fireplace. 
 I’ll be sending people your way.  
Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!
 Acadia/ Sangiovanni/NY. 
Thanks, Charlie

Here you go... I had to put it on my old fireplace stand because there is no bottom with

fireblocks.....but it works     Bob of PA.

Now, that is what I call Yankee Ingenuity! Great job!  Look at what this customer did, he added 10 years to the life of his fireplace by lining the inside with firebricks.
Great idea for short money.

Hi Charlie,  

Our fireplace is installed and working great.

Thank you for a fantastic experience!

Happy holidays Charlie, 

I would like to thank you for the great transaction with purchasing our precast fireplace.  We love the size and how it keeps the smoke from being blown in your face. Exactly what we hoped for.  We look forward to using it  all year long. 

Lita Dodd 

Good morning again, I wanted to share these photos with you. My friend John, on the left with the beard! He recently got remarried @ 72! J His 1rst wife passed away! I drove 1,400 miles last Monday to give them this fireplace as a wedding present. They live in Punta Gorda, FL. and have a 2nd home on Lake Eerie which is where I went. I drove to the factory to pick up the fireplace, then drove to their location, set up the fireplace, had dinner and a fire then came home the next day. As you can see, he was very happy, loved the fireplace. I just wanted to share this story with you. Thank you, Charles

Hi Charlie,
Hope this finds you well. Attached are a couple of pictures of the
fireplace. Just finished putting it together last night. Thanks again for
great customer service and a great product!
Best, Carolyn


Please see the photos of our new and old firepit. After over 20 years, we figured it was time to retire the original! 
The installation was easy and we are pleased that the new version is a little wider than the old model, which was also a 5 logger. 


Hi Charlie, got the fireplace going. I sat it on 2” 3000 degree firebricks and lined the inside up 18”. This should outlast the last one.

Dennis P.
The Acadia Thanks Charlie,

Chris T, Pocasset, MA
fireplaces Hi Charlie,

Thanks so much for all your help with this fireplace. I could not be any happier with it.
Thanks . JOHN
fireplace dog

Quality Evergreens, in Manchester, MD.

Hello Charles, attached is a pic of our sign. We want to order the big unit in gray as well to use for display. Let me know what you need from us.  Thanks, Lisa S
fireplace cornmaze

Hi Charlie: 

We had a volunteer group work on our prairie and cabins area that includes the fireplace,  See attached photo of the completed fireplace.  We will forward a program picture in action when available.  Best!   Paul


I've had my Mt. Katahdin for over 10 years and it is the best grill/fireplace I've owned.  I don't like gas grills, because I think it changes the flavor of the food.  I've had smokers, but they seem to rust out in a couple of years.  I grill all the time, no matter what the weather is.  This grill withstands the weather.  I just have to shovel the snow.  My friends always comment on how nice it is and I give them a brochure.  One thing I recommend is to get the stainless steel grills.  They last. 

Thank you for a great product.

James Murphy wrote:

I couldn’t wait to try it out!  39 degrees, snow flurries off and on, but our new addition demanded a chicken BBQ!!

Thanks, Charlie!
fireplace starting point Building it Finished Product


Thank you so very much! I am very honored to have business with you, you are an incredibly kind and caring person, these days it is rare if nonexistent in this world! 
I an feeling like a small kid - waiting for the fireplace to be here tomorrow!  
I had enough bad events in my life, and this purchase seems like I am adding something really good and with a character of it's own. 
As I said earlier, can hardly wait...

Done and done! Truck came at 11am, we finished assembly before 1:30pm.
 Got one odd piece, wedged it at front bottom. Will get firebricks next week. Thank you so much!

Irene (RED)

lit fireplace
firepit precast Charlie,

Here are a couple photos of the four logger my grandson 12 yo and his friend put together without instructions and just a photo.

put together with a photo fireplace

Custom Red Deluxe 5 Logger!

This is the B residence, Pierrepoint, N.Y.

Thank you! Charlie
red firepit
empy firepit


Matt and Kristina

At their new home in Windham, NH. They  relocated the fireplace from their old home to the new location

after with firepit

Charlie, Lynn and I wanted to take a minute to tell you how very much we
enjoy the fireplace. Our entire family enjoyed it and quite a few of the
guys on my fire department are interested in contacting you after coming
over and seeing it. In addition, your expertise and willingness to assist me
made the installation a joy. Thanks again.
Scott F. Hiorns BT1(SW) USN Ret.

Here's another picture from a different angle and in the morning nancy morris fireplace  

Hi Charlie,

I am enclosing a picture of the newly assembled fireplace.   It looks great!!!

Now I need some pieces for my old fireplace, but Gagne states that they only have complete packages.

Can you help?

Thanks in advance,  Nancy

Ps we are in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

new burgers

This is the initial fire and cooking on my awesome fire pit. This is at my camp on Eustis Ridge with the Bigelow range, Sugarloaf, and Flagstaff Lake in the background. We cooked burgers tonight, chicken tomorrow night.

The fireplace is fantastic. Hope you are enjoying the 4th.

  Thanks for the new fireplace!!!

Steve G from
Pt. Judith, Rhode Island
new york precast fireplace Charlie, Here are some pictures of the Fireplace. We did a quick build to make sure all the parts were there and to see how it went together (took about 1 hour). The other photo is the final build after it’s first use. We raised the entire fireplace up on some solid blocks for a more comfortable cooking height. We are very happy and satisfied. Looks and works great!

new york precast fireplace
5 looger in texas

5 Logger in Katy TX.

thanks for everything it took to get us the 5 Logger. We LOVE it!

5 logger in texas 5 looger in texas

Hi Charlie, VERY cool! This has been a great experience. We look forward to many years with our 5 logger. I have sent the same pics I sent you to some of my family and friends and everyone loves may get a couple orders!
precast 5 logger in use precast 5 logger in use precast 5 logger in use

Looks yummy! Deluxe 5 Logger, Middletown, R.I. Thanks, Charlie

precast cute picture of 3 logger fireplace  precast
Steve O, Waterboro, ME. 3 Logger from Benton, PA Custom Brown Acadia!
Ryan Little Fireplace

This is Ryan L from Alvin, Texas
cooking up a little something on his 
Four Logger

( my mouth is watering! Charlie)
ryan little precast outdoor fireplace 

Good morning Charlie,

I’m a little slow in getting around to this but the fireplace unpacked just fine and the assembly was hassle-free. My son and I had it up in little under an hour after unpacking and laying everything out. Our cottage is located on a lake where no “permanent structures” are allowed within 100 ft. of the water. Because this Precast Fireplace can be taken down and removed, it’s an ideal design and there were no objections. These fireplaces are great. We have a five-log at the house that is at least 25 years old (it was given to me by a friend). Could you send me a parts list for this? Some of the logs are understandably getting worn.
cottage acadia outside precast fireplace  The Acadia unit is really nice in red and the real beauty is it can be assembled anywhere with no electrical power whatsoever. Our “leveling pad” was simply compacted sand topped with reinforced patio concrete blocks. We lined the bottom of the fireplace with refractory brick. The principle “tool” we used to set a couple of stubborn pieces was a small piece of pine firewood.

Thanks again for a great item. We’ve enjoyed quite a few fires already. It was great doing business with you.

Regards, Kevin 
Kristina Mondeau Matt and I finished the pit area last weekend! Thanks so much!! Looks great!
Attached some pictures for you.

Thanks again, Matt and Kristina
Kristina Mondeau
bethel me fireplace Another happy customer: Bethel, ME. maine fireplace
jane peters lobsters on a precast outdoor fireplace Hi Charlie, we got the fireplace yesterday and plan to set it up before the upcoming weekend. Just in time for our summer lobster feed at the lake next week. We're on vacation for a couple of weeks and will be enjoying our new fireplace.

Here we are enjoying our new fire pit at our camp lobster feed! We're looking forward to many more camp fires. Thank You for the great customer service! 

JP and Family
jane peters lobsters on a precast outdoor fireplace
george and Mary   Awesome Fireplace Redfield, NY
We love it! We had a fire also so will have my son send you the pictures!

By the way, we burned the cardboard :)  :)
George and Mary Rutland VT
    “Camp fire and chicken on the grill on the first night! It was awesome! Love this unit!”
Sue Norris,  Redfield, NY
Building a precast fireplace Building a precast fireplace Building a precast fireplace
Building a precast fireplace Building a precast fireplace Building a precast fireplace
Building a precast fireplace Building a precast fireplace Building a precast fireplace
Building a precast fireplace Building a precast fireplace Building a precast fireplace
 Homeowner's  Building their Acadia, in Angier, N.C.
Precast fireplace Outdoor fireplace

Deluxe Firepit, N.Y.

From Susan V.
Deluxe Firepit, N.Y.

From Susan V.
Acadia on mountaintop, Strong, ME.  
Sorry it took so long, but it took a while to clean up the packing material (and to remember how to email the photo!). Note: it wasn't a good idea to unpack on a windy day. Thanks for everything, we really like it.

Richard I.
richards fireplace from Precast  
precast outdoor fireplaces Acadia Hi Charlie,

I want to order a second Mt Katahdin for my place in Jay NY. I want to add the two layers like you did for this one to make it taller as well. I’m going to move the one we have already over to our lean to and replace the broken parts with the new ones you sent. We’re also looking to order one for our place in the Poconos but we have to do some prep work before we order this one but you will be getting that order as well.
precast outdoor fireplaces Acadia
picture Photo's from Tom K Ashland OH fireplace
steaks cooking on precast outdoor fireplace First Meal on the new Pit..
Couple of steaks on a cold January night.....

Billy D.

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Garth Fireplace Lake Placid, NY


I was looking for a good picture of the other fireplace up in Lake Placid these were the best I had.  You cant really see the mountains behind the fireplace but I will tell you I'm very happy with the product and every time we bring guests up they always ask where I got the fireplace. 

Best regards,
Garth R.

Garth Fireplace Lake Placid, NY
precast fireplaces precast fireplaces

Denali enjoying new fireplace

James little
precast fireplaces
  precast fireplaces  
Cowan Fireplace cowan fireplace ground work ground prep for fireplace
cowan outdoor fireplace installation cowan outdoor fireplace installation cowan outdoor fireplace installation
cowan outdoor fireplace installation cowan outdoor fireplace installation cowan outdoor fireplace installation
 Hi Charlie, We finally got our new fireplace put in yesterday at Elkwater in
the Cypress Hills in Southern Alberta after getting it trucked to Great
Falls 2 years ago, we love it and have one more to install. Thanks from our
family to yours. Sincerely, Brent Cowan
almost there Charlie and me finished
fireplace pieces laying foundation last piece

Thanks for coming out Charlie, it was great to meet you, I feel like we are old friends with all of the great conversations we have had. We love our new Fireplace. It is perfect. Thanks again.

John & Faith

Mark C from Ohio sent this photo in
fireplace  precast  precastoutdoor 
  The 3rd picture is with our spark arrestor from our old fireplace, the new one is great, glad we went with the 4 logger, the extra height is nice. Thanks
Joe and Veronica
Ellens Fireplace Hi Charlie,
Here is our beautiful fireplace all ready to go.
Ellen's Fireplace
Ray and Kathy fireplace Ray and Kathy Firplace 2 Ray and Kathy Fireplace 3
  As you can see, we included it in the patio wall. It has been working just wonderful; really love it. Thank you for all your previous help.  Ray & Kathy  
brians fireplace

Charlie,  I attached the pic of it done. It looks good.



Fireplace is great. Here is a picture with it on the side porch
Lovell Fireplace

Hello Charlie,
Nice weather has finally arrived and the rain has stopped....for now! Here
is a picture of our 4 logger fireplace at our camp on Center Pond in
Sangerville, Maine. We absolutely love it!! Is so easy to put together and
the best thing is even with a roaring fire going the logs are cool to the
touch, that's a piece of mind with dogs and young children running around.

Thank you again and have a great summer!!

Douglas Zeek from Ohio

Dana L
Guilford, Me

precast halifax ma

Thanks, just finished some bratwurst and beer. It works great, Donnie

Sent from my iPod: 

dog resting by Precast Outdoor Fireplace

When are you going to start cooking?
I'm starving

Vicky M.'s best friend relaxing by a warm and cozy fire.

Dear Precast Fireplaces, We bought these "Link Log Fireplaces" in the late
60's, early 70's from FL. Glad to see they are still
around. We still have the largest model in our yard. Our fireplace is about
40 yrs old. Sincerely, Barb Radosa

Adirondacks’, N.Y., Deluxe 5 Logger!

precast pizza fireplace
Hi Charlie,
Sorry it took so long for me to get pictures to you! Here is how our fireplace looks on the new patio and that was out first attempt at making pizza!! We have since perfected the pizza making and it's great!!! As you can see, our poochy loves the fireplace!! He is the first one around it when we fire it up and the last one in!! Thanks again, we really love it!!
fireplace dog

Hi Charles, this is Rebecca down in FLorida. I was the lady that had her neighbor weld the bread oven for me to fit on the grates of my Arcadia and I bake bread and lots of pizza in that oven. You put all my photos out there on your website. Anyway I wasn't sure if anyone had told you about the oven that is available from Lehman's - so just in case you haven't heard
about it from any other of your clients - I wanted to let you know I bought one and tell you how it worked. First off, the oven is made in USA (MORE)



Hi Chris, Great job! Looks awesome!


You should take the grills out when you are not cooking, they will last longer. Enjoy! Charlie


This is Chris from
Long Island, NY.

Looks great. One burger to test out. Tks for everything. Joel, NY


Fire place completed HO RAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Dee Pruitt from IL.
  Ted & Din, Westport, MA.
Thanks, Charlie
Hi Charlie
Thanks for the great fireplace.The fireplace works awesome.I had done some research
and I found your fireplace quality superb to the other ones I had looked at.
The wife likes it also that's always a plus.

Thanks again.Keith  
Hi Charles!
Here are the pictures of our new fireplace. We have really enjoyed it! Please let me know if the files are too large or you can't download them. I will try again. Thanks again for all your help!
Kathy and Guy
  backyard Photo's
Mark from Dracut, MA   Good Morning Charley. Here is a picture of our fireplace. Bob Merry
toms katadin toms walkway without katadin outdoor fireplace toms katadin
Kevin from Texas. 

This photo was prior to building the
Katahdin. Kevin from Texas.

Kevin from Texas. 
whinthrop katadin katadin whinthrop katadin precast
pizza precast outdoor Charlie,  This was our FIRST attempt and it was a raging success - we can't believe it. I'm sure you have other clients who are raving about their outdoor pizza oven experiences with the Precast Outdoor Fireplaces, but I want to share our experience anyway.
Granted, we have never before attempted to cook anything other than beef on a grill - so this was quite something for us to use a "stone" and have such success over the open fire. I am sending you a total of five pictures - individually - so I don't get mixed up. We started with a regular fire,
placed the homemade dough on the peel and slipped the dough onto the stone
in order to cook the first side - approximately 10 minutes - fire open and
temps were approx 200-250. 10 miinutes later, took the dough off, turned it over and applied light olive oil and all the topping (organic spinach, fresh goat's cheese mozz that I made, organic basil and oregano from my garden,
and a light homemade tomato sauce - also from my garden) - put the pizza
back on the stone to cook. Was watching the temp gauge and decided to try
to place two cookie sheet on the grate above in order to capture the heat
immediately the temp shot up to 400 - then 450 and would have easily
approached 500, but by then the cheese was browning nicely on the top of the pizza and I pulled it off -

Thanks - Becca in Trenton, FL

precast pizza pie

  arcadia fireplace in florida  
Rebeca from florida arcadia precast fireplace arcadia in florida
Thanks - Rebecca Winthrop - Trenton FL click here for testimonial
p grill

Morning Charles--here's a shot of the family around the new fireplace. Very nice unit and very pleased.  Lloyd

Hi Charlie,Here is the pic of the fireplace.Love it! Best,Steve

tiki tiki tiki
grill picture   grill 2
celine don dog

Don, Celine and Sundance from Newbury, N.H

  precast fireplaces are fun  
  We love our new fireplace.
Thank you, Maryrose
Roger and Jan Roger and Jan Roger and Jan
ribs are a cooking ribs are a cooking 2  more ribs 
The Ribs are Sizzling I can almost taste them How much Longer?
ribs  ribs ahoy  smoking ribs 
Slow cooking on Chimney Slow cooking on Chimney Slow cooking on Chimney
Jeff and Brenda Arcadia Fireplace Carols Fireplace carols Fireplace
Jeff and Brenda, Meriden CT Carol's Fireplace Carol's Fireplace

Warren and Debbie Pembroke, MA testimonial

Robb M, Pa Before testimonial

Robb M, Pa After

What More could you ask for?                      Roger P & Jan R testimonial It seems everyone loves Precast, even the deer in my backyard. Colleen N.,
Whitman, Ma.

Hello Charlie,

 Just an update, We Still LOVE IT!! It was the best $1000.00 we spent. We also found if you use a fire grate (only $20.00 at Benny's) it works even better. Hope you have a Happy Holiday!!!!!!!

Roger & Jan

  Now that's what I call a Good Time! Turkey Time
Enjoying a Peaceful Night
It may look small, but it holds a lot of wood!!!
Fire getting HOT!!!!
Try this with a metal stove!
And the sides are COOL..
Great Christmas Present!
Thanks Ma
Randy N Randy N. Wendy
Roy of Stafford Springs, Ct. Roy of Stafford Springs, Ct. Roy of Stafford Springs, Ct.

Doreen of E. Bridgewater, Ma. Doreen of E. Bridgewater, Ma. Doreen of E. Bridgewater, Ma.
cool georgia nights  outdoor fireplace  

 I finished my project in time for the cool south Ga. Nights,
thought you might like to see it.

  Happy Thanksgiving.

 Billy Hancock    


Took one hour and 30 minutes from cutting wrap to taking photo will send
better photo tomorrow. Thanks Charlie, Billy Hancock, GA.