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Listen to what our clients are saying about their Precast Outdoor Fireplace:

Good morning Charlie,

I’m a little slow in getting around to this but the fireplace unpacked just fine and the assembly was hassle-free. My son and I had it up in little under an hour after unpacking and laying everything out. Our cottage is located on a lake where no “permanent structures” are allowed within 100 ft. of the water. Because this Precast Fireplace can be taken down and removed, it’s an ideal design and there were no objections. These fireplaces are great. We have a five-log at the house that is at least 25 years old (it was given to me by a friend). Could you send me a parts list for this? Some of the logs are understandably getting worn.

The Acadia unit is really nice in red and the real beauty is it can be assembled anywhere with no electrical power whatsoever. Our “leveling pad” was simply compacted sand topped with reinforced patio concrete blocks. We lined the bottom of the fireplace with refractory brick. The principle “tool” we used to set a couple of stubborn pieces was a small piece of pine firewood.

Thanks again for a great item. We’ve enjoyed quite a few fires already. It was great doing business with you.


Hello. My name is Kevin Franke.
We, my wife and I, purchased one of your fireplaces about 20 years ago. We went to the local home show to purchase a master bath tub faucet----saw your home show display and bought a fireplace on the spot. Never did get a faucet. We had a concrete patio poured to place the fireplace on during the time it took to have delivered.
The product was delivered on a pallet. The pallet was loaded so when the first piece was removed it was the bottom piece of the fireplace and when the last piece was removed the fireplace was complete. What a great concept in packaging. My wife and I went out to dinner the night it was delivered and to our surprise the babysitter had allowed our children, a boy 10 years old and a girl 8 years old, assemble the whole thing. The next day the manufactures representative knocked on our door and offered to help assemble it.
The kids had a couple of blocks out of place but the representative took it apart himself and reassembled it in about 10 minutes at no cost (we did invite him back for dinner). What company does that? My whole family has enjoyed it all this time. What an outstanding product.

The kids are gone now but my wife an I still use the fireplace to barbecue on all the time. I have recently had a problem with the two "logs" that support the rear of the grilling grate. It seems that the ends of the logs, (the part of the log that protrudes into the fire box) have disintegrated or broken apart on the inside of the firebox only. I believe I can place a couple of pieces of steel in the back of the firebox to support the grill BUT I would much rather purchase replacement "logs" if possible. Are replacement "logs" available? If so could you please contact me?
Even if the replacement "logs" are not available I must tell you this is one of the finest products I have ever purchased. I have given out your name many times and will continue to do so. Thank you for the outstanding product and the over the top service.
Kevin and Karen Franke
Hello Kevin, Thank you for the kind words as well! It would be my pleasure to service
you. Congratulations on getting 20 years out of your fireplace prior to
servicing. I have attached a parts sheet for you to identify the parts that
you need. The replacement cost is $30.00 per part plus shipping. Please let
me know what you need then we will get you a shipping cost. Sincerely,
Charlie Reynolds, Precast Outdoor Fireplaces



Faith Miller Pace

September 13 at 12:50pm


Thanks Charlie for coming out. We Love the new Fireplace, it is better than we imagined. Thanks for all of your help, and suggestions. This is going to be an awesome feature at our little cabin. Fireside chats, sing alongs and great meals...I think we will call it " the Gathering Place " !
Thanks again, John & Faith Pace

Hi Charlie,

I received the cement logs today. Thank you for your excellent service, you were fantastic to do business with.

Annette B

My Ex wife and I bought a house back in 1998. The previous owner had bought the Mt. Katahdin, but couldn't take it with him as he was moving from Ohio to Arizona, so he left it behind for us. Several years later we moved...still in Ohio and only about 10 miles away. We thought the fireplace was so cool that we took it with us. Actually we purchased 9 acres of land and we took the fireplace out there and left it unassembled. Several years later during construction of our house on that land, a construction worker thought it was junk and moved it all with a backhoe...breaking several pieces of the cement logs and flat rectangular sections.

Well, now I'm single and want to gather up the pieces and assemble the fireplace. Many of the pieces are intact, however I realize I could not make the Mt. Katahdin out of the remaining pieces. Could you send me the materials lists of your fireplaces so I can figure out which I can make from my remaining pieces? Another option would be to determine which pieces would need to be replaced to make the Mt. Katahdin, however I fear the cost would be too high. That makes me sad, however either way I'm going to have an awesome fireplace again after all these years!

Thanks, Scott


Thanks Charlie for checking in with me!  

I've got good news! I guess I assumed many parts were broken when that construction worker used the tractor bucket to move the fireplace pieces. Turns out that only the large flat pieces that sit on top of the sides were broken. I was able to rebuild the original fireplace. It looks awesome in my back yard near my orchard. Looks like that proves you have a quality product in that those pieces were able to stand up to the abuse from that construction worker. Some day I hope to replace those flat pieces, but for now I am temporary using several pavers that do the job for now.

Thanks again,


Thanks, just finished some bratwurst and beer. It works great (photo)


Good morning Charlie
FYI Your website is great!
Thank you

Barb Radosa
Sent from my iPad

Hi Charles, this is Rebecca down in FLorida. I was the lady that had her neighbor weld the bread oven for me to fit on the grates of my Arcadia and I bake bread and lots of pizza in that oven. You put all my photos out there on your website. Anyway - I wasn't sure if anyone had told you about the oven that is available from Lehman's - so just in case you haven't heard about it from any other of your clients - I wanted to let you know I bought one and tell you how it worked. First off, the oven is made in USA and the Lehman's catalog caters largely to people who live off the grid and Amish who don't use electricity, etc. The oven measurements were perfect for the chimney of the Arcadia and I had already been reheating casseroles, etc. using the heat of the chimney by placing my foil tins on top of an oven rack placed over the opening of the chimney. So I kind of thought that this little stove-top oven would work. I just didn't know HOW GREAT IT WOULD WORK with the heat from the chimney. OH MY GOODNESS - now I can bake little tins of food and also make my pizza on my pizza stone all at the same time. The oven has a temp gage on it and multiple adjustable racks on the inside. I was able to get 4 smaller bread loaf pans on each rack! The bread baked evenly and as you can see from the photos - superior texture! The price for the little oven was $199 and well worth the price. Because it has a vented bottom made out of some type of steel or something - the heat is able to be captured up into the oven. Also, as you can see from the actual fire - you don't need a huge raging fire to get the requisite heat. This little fire shown in the picture provided just about 350 degrees in the center of the oven. Okay then - I know you often have clients wanting to see about procuring a bread oven for their fireplace- I would highly recommend this one. I did not investigate actually placing the oven on top of one of the regular grates that came with the fireplace - closer to the fire - that might work too - but I think you would need to take extra care in controlling the heat level - might be too hot that close - but let me tell you - the chimney method worked GREAT. Take care - Rebecca Winthrop - Trenton, FL (and my I must give credit to my husband, Griff, for assisting with the photos)
Hi Charlie
Thanks for the great fireplace.The fireplace works awesome.I had done some research
and I found your fireplace quality superb to the other ones I had looked at.
The wife likes it also that's always a plus.

Thanks again.Keith  

Hello Charlie, 

I received the full refund for the shipping charges today from Ross Express.  Thank you for your assistance with this overcharge and most importantly for the prompt service that I received regarding the replacement of the cracked logs. I must admit that I was surprised that during these tough economic times that you were still in business and that you "made things right" without any "runner around" even though it's been more than 5 years since my original purchase. 

Best regards and many thanks again for such great service,

Connie Zani

Charlie, this is Becca in Trenton FL. I am happy to report that we have had tremendous success with our first attempt at utilizing the prefabricated "oven" that my neighbor welded for me. I am going to send you a series of photos - one at a time - so that you can select those that will be of most value to your current and future customers. Please not that I am going to use the high-heat rustoleum paint (black) to paint the outside of the oven, but was so anxious to try it this weekend, that the paint job will have to follow. My neighbor will probably add a handle on the door in the future - but not necessary. The oven has a side latch and the door lifts out. There is also a venting system on the top which may be adjusted accordingly. I am absolutely thrilled with the results of the bread. I took a basic bread dough recipe and the bread turned out perfect. The last frame I will send you shows the completely cooked loaf cut in 1/2 so you can see that the heat was even and there was no doughy center. First try and it worked - I can't believe it. Photos to follow.


Hi Charlie - I finally finished the deck that incorporates the fireplace pad- just need to stain the deck later. My arcadia doesn't look exactly likeyour pictures because I have those two pieces that were missing, but it isclose. The fireplace pad is made of concrete blocks filled with cement, andconcrete block caps on top of them, then a thin layer of refractory cement and then the firebricks placed on top of that level surface with only a thinlayer of the refractory cement between bricks. I also put a 27" cradle in the bottom of the fireplace. The grills were pretty rusty when they arrived - probably because the unit was stored outside during transit, but I'm going to clean them up and put them away - very humid here in Florida - anyway - I'm going to send you several pictures - these are just a couple right now.
Thanks - Rebecca Winthrop - Trenton FL


It’s been 6 weeks and wanted to let you know the Deluxe 5 Logger is setup and ready to go at the Redneck Tiki in Pepperell.   It’s been getting a nightly workout especially on the weekends.   We have cooked everything Ribs, Steaks, Tips, Chicken, even Veggies everyone loves it.   This by far has been the best backyard investment to date !!!



Jack K

Pepperell, Ma


I just wanted to send a quick note and thank you again for delivering my new 5-logger on Sunday just in time for my Memorial Day Cookout with family. My whole family just loves this fireplace, and it looks great in the backyard as well. I appreciated your professionalism and follow-up throughout the whole process.

Thanks again.

The Sklarz Family

Webster MA

hot mama ride

Hi Charlie,
Just wanted to let you know that our conversion from the Acadia to the Mt. Katahdin went great!  We've cooked on it a few times, and had a few fires in the fireplace so far.  Last night, I cooked some burgers and ribs on the top grill, with some foil-wrapped "baked" potatoes on the lower grill, over a campfire.  My wife said it was the best meal I had ever cooked!  The fireplace is fast becoming a center-piece for our back yard.  With our home being out in "the sticks", the fireplace blends perfectly with our rustic setting.  We plan to build a boulder-circled area, paved with crushed stone, around the fireplace, to make a rustic "patio" and grilling area.  I'll send some pictures when this is done.
Thanks for all your support and help with the project!
Jim T
Ashdown, Arkansas  

Hello Charlie,

I just wanted to send a thank you note for all you have done for Our Charity and Myself. My family loves our fireplace that you delivered and set up for us, we use it constantly. At Starlight Charities we cannot believe how quickly you came in and made the changes we requested, We were right in the middle of our Light Festival and needed to have the fireplace going strong to keep our visitor and Contributors warm and cozy. Not only did you service us ultra fast, you didn't even charge us!! You really run your business the old fashion way, Service being number One! and you have a great product too.

Thank You,
Bob Smith and Family
Starlight Charities Inc. - Bridgewater Festival of Lights

Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2010 1:28 PM
To: Charles Reynolds
Subject: RE: Information Request


The testimonials about your fast service are no joke. I am interested in the Arcadia model and the shipping address is: 4324 Lake Rd, Woodlawn TN 37191.  I don't know of a commercial vendor to have your product sent to. I am currently in Iraq and I am not able to look around town for a potential dealer. The major town next to me is Clarksville TN 37042. I do know if your product was advertised in our area, it would sell like hot cakes.  Thank you for getting back with me so promptly. Looking forward to doing business with you


Hi Charlie
We love the fire place; we use it 12 months a year, a great addition to our backyard in Maine.   The kids sit around it a lot and the memories that we will have are priceless.  Thank you again for the delivery and set up. 
Kevin and Annette N

I'm pretty sensitive to how companies, and more important their people, do business. I was dean of Iowa's MBA programs for a number of years and now getting to spend more of my time teaching marketing and enjoying this cabin. I am impressed with the way you've handled the transaction and confident the fireplace will be just what we were looking for (I didn't want a "foo-foo" outdoor kitchen; I wanted something that fit our rural, woodsy, cabin).

I appreciate the good service and will definitely provide some Wisconsin pictures for your website.

Thanks Charlie,

We are extremely pleased with the fireplace. My wife and I put it together and it was fun to assemble and has been great to use. We took your advice and got the one with the chimney and have very much appreciated that it guides the smoke away from us. The draft is also good and the fires burn completely to ashes. I have gotten pretty good at cooking on it by building the fire in the back and drawing the coals to the front. I either use your grate or a grate/table I found out of cast iron to cook on. You can slow cook or sear a steak.
Charlie, the most impressive part of this experience was your service. As you know we had an issue with the trucking for the initial order and had a couple of pieces that needed replacement. You did this in a timely and professional manner without a hesitation. I am a marketing professor and can honestly say the service I was given is what I hope our students would strive for.
I offer my unconditional support for the precastfireplace. It looks and works as described and if you are dealing with Charlie, you can count on attention and service after the sale.
Gary G.

Here is a photo of our fire pit for you! We love it.
thanks Wendy

My bright spot has been my Fireplace. It took my brother and me about an hour to set it up and have a fire ready.
My next-door neighbor came over and said he saw us take it out of the truck and the next thing he sees is us sitting around the fire. I also gave out all of the pamphlets that I had.

Again Thank You,
David S.






As I said, you guys are the best!!Thanks, a happy camper in ct,


My name is James Luna, my brother and I own a small business (heavy equipment repair service) in the middle Tennessee (Nashville - Murfreesboro area)

I purchased one of your fireplaces in 2003 and have enjoyed it tremendously.  It is the focal point of all our outdoor entertaining.  I always have lots of inquires and have given info on several occasions.  Someone was asking yesterday and that prompted my inquiry.

I have included some pictures and as you can see I have modified it somewhat.  Also, I have moved it at least three times.


“Hello Charlie, We picked up the Deluxe Fire Pit from you at the Wachusett Mt. Apple Fest. You were absolutely right, it took less than 10 minutes to set up our fireplace. We had the perfect spot for it and our fire is roaring as we sit on our chair swing having cocktails. We are so glad that we found your product and look forward to having many more campfires.
Thank you so much. MJ and Rena, Westminster, Ma.”
Message: We recently acquired one of your Mt. Katahdin fireplaces. But we did not disassemble it.
Someone else did and we are in need of assembly instructions. Can you please help us.
Thank you. Dan & Dianna

Please send me your address and I would be glad to send you a set of instructions.
Sincerely, Charlie Reynolds, Precast outdoor Fireplaces

Thanks but we figured it out. By the way the person we got it from said the owner of this particular fireplace was involved in racing at Summit Point Va. And that Group 44 Racing Team, had a driver named Paul Newman Who frequented this persons house. So, We now are the owners of one of your fireplaces that Paul Newman had a burger off of. Kind of Funny. That's the story we got anyway.  Thanks again.

Hello Charlie

It was very nice to see you and your wife at the Woodstock fair. Here are the pictures I promised.

Cooking Ribs

We cooked 20lbs. of baby back ribs for about 5 hours. Then put them in a pan with some BBQ sauce and a little apple juice and set them over the chimney for about one and a half to two hours with a VERY low fire. You can guess the results. Thank again.

Roger and Jan

Hi, We were searching the web on how to build an outdoor fireplace and ran into your site.  We have to tell you that your fireplaces meet and exceed our expectations. They are beautiful, functional and convenient.  We can't wait to see it in person.

We would like to place the fireplace by a 6' PVC fence (if we can).  How far does it need to be from the fence? 
Also, would we be able to come pick it up?
Thanks much!
Claude and Julie
Hi Charlie,
 I just received a heavy box from the UPS driver and couldn’t imagine what I had ordered that was that heavy!  Much to my surprise it was the top piece to my fireplace! 
 Thank you so much for following through with getting that for me.  My fireplace is now complete! 
We have enjoyed many great dinners that have been cooked on it and continue to enjoy the fires we’ve had on cool nights here in Maryland.
Thanks again, Sue Bents

Hi Charlie,

We have installed the new Arcadia and it works well. This is just what we have been looking for.

Jeff & Brenda

Meriden CT

I have had my Moosehead fireplace for 25 years. Would it be possible to buy 3 replacement pieces for it? Barbara K of Hopkinton, Ma.
Barbara, it would be my pleasure to take care of you. Charlie
Here is a picture of our fireplace the night you installed it and I swear we were out there for a week and a half every night. We had a lot of company and everyone enjoyed the fireplace. It is a great investment and we are so glad to be enjoying it night and day this summer. Sincerely Warren and Debbie, Pembroke Ma
"I was impressed with the ease of assembly of the Acadia fireplace. The most amount of time was used in getting the base level. Once I had that accomplished, the rest went together very quickly. The lightweight cinder logs where very easy to handle and transport. The visual appearance is wonderful. I have had quite few comments on how well the fireplace looks, and how it blends into the landscape, like it belongs there. I can't wait to light it up!" Robb M.
Charlie it was so simple and easy to set-up the fireplace. It took my wife Jan and I 1 hour and 15 minutes.!!!!!

What  more could you ask for?? Friends are asking us about all the time. We LOVE IT.

Thanks again.

Roger P & Jan R
It seems everyone loves Precast, even the deer in my backyard. Colleen N.,Whitman, Ma.
Dear Charlie,  Thank you for your generous donation of an Arcadia Fireplace. We loved having it during our Festival of Lights during the month of December, It kept everyone warm...It is now kept there permanently and we use it all year. Thanks again  Starlight Charities.

Thank you for making arrangements for me to pick up my new fireplace. It took about 15 minutes for my son and I to level the spot, and it took about 8 minutes for us to actually assemble the fireplace. Here is the reason that we needed ANOTHER fireplace;

We just moved to a new home. When we listed out former house, we made it a point to list the fireplace on the fact sheet saying that we would be taking it with us. We had it set up at the edge of a patio in our back yard.

After looking at the house several times, our realtor called with the final offer from our prospective buyers. They mentioned several minor issues that they saw in the house such as a small crack in a tile, etc. Even though they mentioned all of these things, they said that they would accept those things as they were, and we would not have to repair them. The red flags started to go up, as we were wondering why they were mentioning them. Then at the very end, they asked us if we would consider leaving our “Outdoor Fireplace”.

Well, we took the hint and sealed the deal by leaving the fireplace for them. Naturally the next thing that I did was to contact you and make arrangements for another fireplace. A couple of our new neighbors already invited themselves over for our first fire.

Thanks again,

Tom, Enfield CT
Hello Charlie,
 Just an update, We Still LOVE IT!! It was the best $1000.00 we spent. We also found if you use a fire grate( only $20.00 at Benny's) it works even better. Hope you have a Happy Holiday!!!!!!!  Picture

Roger & Jan


Charlie, you guys do outstanding work ! the end result is really cool. Britt McAllister

Charlie, thanks for coming over and setting up my fire pit! It was a present for Christmas and I was so excited...I can't believe how much wood this unit will hold, We have been having a great time sitting around the fire, Nice and warm, now with the better weather we are out side almost every night...Thanks Again   Joe, Hanson    picture